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⚡The Monthly Shop Club is an empowering subscription based styling service that will teach you how to shop, make it fun again and help you find your fierce.⚡

Each day we’re overwhelmed by brands, influencers, and advertising to buy specific products, clothing and essentially an emotion. We’re told if we wear this “item” we’ll be as happy as the woman in the AD, as successful as the person driving “that” car, as chic as the model photographed.

It’s hard to make a decision and feel confident about it being true for us.

The Monthly Shop Club is a monthly subscription based service that will make shopping fun again. Shop from a selection of pieces picked by a wardrobe stylist with you in mind.

With access to a private board and a video walking through everything chosen, you’ll learn the why behind the item, how you can style it with items in your closet and feel empowered when getting ready in the morning.

11.10 every month
Let me in!

what you can expect

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This is for you if…

 - You’re focused on hustling and making your dreams into plans and plans into reality

- You genuinely hate shopping, don’t get it and want more direction

- You’re an entrepreneur who wants to keep your style fresh and updated bit by bit each month so you’re putting your best foot forward

- You’re a mom who spends all of your time taking care of others and once a month wants to treat yourself to something that will make you feel like a babe even covered in spit up

- You actually like to shop, loves fashion but want a professional's guidance to get the best bang for your buck


A sincere letter from your stylist

Hi, Sweet thang! 

I am so glad you are here. Truly! 

You most-likely originally found me from Instagram. I think the gram can be a wonderful place to connect and engage but can we all agree it’s hard to find depth and actually service people through social media? 

It’s a catch 22! Give so much of yourself for free and no one feels the need to hire you. 

Don't share enough and they don’t see the value. 

I had it! That's what prompted me to make the monthly shop club!

I wanted a unique place to actually help a community of women with the interest and intention of building their personal brand without committing to a program or 1:1 appointments.  

By creating the Monthly Shop Club I can connect with my girl gang. I hear their needs and meet them where they are while still being IN my business and it not being “busy” work. 

By signing up for my subscription you’re not only raising your hand and telling me you want my help, but you’re also supporting a female entrepreneur. 


You can always directly email me for a specific request. Really! I want to open that line of communication to actually address your needs and interests! 

I think the secret to a better economy, thriving professional and personal lives, and more love is the empowerment of women and building their confidence. They become better leaders, aren’t afraid to speak up, are able to educate with love versus hate and when women are making more money we don't feel the NEED to be partnered with a man (or woman) but choose a person because they are our actual partners. 

In my own little way of style, I want to be apart of the movement. 

So thank you for signing up for the monthly Shop Club! You’re my OG’s and I'm excited to see where this goes. 

Xoxo Your personal stylist and empowerment coach, 

Hannah Moon


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What you’re going to get

⚡ A private board sent to you the first day of each month with password access

⚡ Audio/Video walking through each item, why it was picked and how to wear it by Hannah

⚡ Items organized by type and lifestyle to make it easy to select what works best for you

⚡ Look book with items chosen to show how to wear them with gathered inspiration

⚡ Weekly educational and empowering emails to get you in your closet, learn to be your own fashionista and enjoy developing your sense of style

⚡Private Content, such as "How to” style videos, how to wear items specifically from the board and weekly style challenges

…And so so much more. This is just the beginning!



Let’s stop buying what we’re “supposed” to and finally shop for items that empower us!

Get in here girlfriend!

11.10 every month
Let me in!