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Hi Boss Babe!

I am so excited that you are here!

I hope you enjoyed my episode with the amazing and kick-a** Emilie of Bossed Up! I loved helping her prepare her looks for her own book tour so she could focus on the task at hand verses wondering, “what should I wear?” She even get’s to wear the looks we made for future appearances and events!

Emilie is a jack of all trades so when she hired me she was a bit skeptical. It took going through the process to understand and see the value of not only having her own personal brand but why hiring someone professional is just like if she hired an editor or adviser.

Are you crushing your goals but realizing you have no idea how to make yourself physically look like your message or brand? Have you been so focused on your craft that you no longer know how to carry yourself? Tired of feeling less than powerful and beautiful because you lost creativity and control over your wardrobe?

Let’s work together!

For the Bossed Up community I’m doing something a little special!

With my virtual program Brand Yourself with Style, which is a 6-8 week 1:1 mentorship program with me, I’m also giving you…

  • A FREE how-to guide & checklist for planning and preparing for your entrepreneur photo shoot which you would use for social media, website and marketing collateral

  • Guide on how to take killer photos and videos for Instagram without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment or professional photographers. I’ll tell you the programs, apps I use along with all my secrets for captivating photos to build your following and engagement!

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