Denver Deets: Eleanor & Hobbs Boutique

Photo by Red Aspen Photography

Photo by Red Aspen Photography

I had the pleasure of playing dress up with my O.G. Morgan Baker (Pair of Heirs) at Eleanor & Hobbs boutique on my 30th birthday. We filmed a fun interview discussing trends, how I started (and maintained) a career in styling and how our style represents who we are.

Eleanor and Hobbs boutique has been alive and kickin’ since 2013. I had the pleasure of meeting Tracy when I first moved to Colorado in 2015. My amazing and fashionable mother found the shop as soon as we moved. After all we just left Dallas where shopping is on every corner. Tracy is a phenomenal buyer. Without saying her shop is for everyone because that’s too blanketed, I will say she knows how to purchase items across a style and price range that fits a wide variety of women. Morgan and I have completely different styles yet we were both able to style the same Joie suit jacket.

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Most of my clientele are women who realize their style doesn’t represent who they’ve grown to become or represent the current life stage that they’re in. It’s something that sneaks up on us all. You look one day in the mirror and have the cliche thought “I have nothing to wear.” It’s not that you have nothing to wear. It’s that you have nothing to wear that represents you NOW.

Talking with Morgan and Tracy we had a few laughs about the styles I would NOT partake in, like tucking in my shirts. Morgan prodded so I finally tucked my shirts in and wore a belt and now that a huge part of my style because of how much more flattering that is for my figure! It was a huge part of my style changing to look more mature and structured than so youthful.

Watch our interview to hear more about my style growth and what fashion means to us…

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I’ve always loved color. Learning how to incorporate color, patterns and flare with my current wardrobe was a process. My image and brand now is more adult but I didn’t want to lose my sense of fun as I got older. I’ve come to love more sophisticated and vintage silhouettes. Instead of making me feel older they make me feel more empowered and strong, that is after all what it is too be feminine.

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Having Morgan here was the best birthday gift I could’ve asked for. As different as we are shes the friend that always brought out the best of me and is the ying to my yang. It’s sad to think where Pair of Heirs could have gone is I hadnt moved from Dallas but I dont believe I would have grown like I have it I hadnt left. I’ve been through some serious growing pains that wouldnt have been much easier if I had her by my side. But thankfully, our friendship has remained and it felt like home having her with me for a few days. I had the bridal buyer of Neiman Marcus staying with me y’all!! She’s a big deal and I’m so proud of her.

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We ended our fun day of styling with a video interview discussing current trends, style changes and how it was like becoming as stylist with our friend and Eleanor & Hobbs owner, Tracy!

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If I were to tell you why to shop at Eleanor & Hobbs it would be for her high-quality items that can mix and match with your boss babe wardrobe and your lazy day in Mexico. She is all about denim so that’s where I’ll be shopping for a new pair of shorts for the summer and amazing new wide-leg jeans. It’s safe to say I think our favorite brands were Mother, Joie and National Apparel.


I love highlighting how wonderful Denver is. I’m fortunate to have grown my career here and build such a strong network of like-minded creatives and business owners. If you enjoyed learning about Eleanor & Hobbs let me know! Make sure you visit their shop. Louisville is a cute town filled with other shops, restaurants and bars so you can spend a fun day right in their small town.