4 Tips to Help Transition from 9-5 to Self-Employed

by Julia Parzyck of Fit Fat & All That


I never thought I would be my own boss, it wasn’t even a thought for me. I went to school for Elementary Education and I just assumed I would finish school, get a teaching job, and that would be it…and at first it began that way. I realized that teaching in a classroom setting wasn’t for me, I felt a strong pull to do something more and I always had a passion for eating disorder recovery and the body-positive movement. So, I decided to follow that. I quit my teaching job, moved to Los Angeles and found a nannying job that paid more than teaching. I decided that I would spend the next couple of years figuring out what I really wanted to do with my life and I did just that! I am now a resident in Denver, just quit my LAST nannying job and beginning a career as an Eating Disorder Recovery Coach and Body-Positive Influencer. I spent the last 5 years or so building my brand, creating content, and gaining the trust of my followers through my vulnerability. And now…well, I will be able to create my own schedule, work with companies that I believe in and align with my brand, and help women feel confident in their bodies! Quitting a job that pays well and deciding to go into the entrepreneur lifestyle can be risky and terrifying, but I think its well worth it.

Here a few tips if you’re thinking the self-employed lifestyle might be for you:

Find Your Brand; your authentic voice, your audience

It doesn’t matter what you’re wanting to go into, you need to identify your audience and the message or product that you’re selling. Narrow it down and once you do, stick with it! It doesn’t even have to be just for Instagram, but find a way to promote, network, and get your message out there. And the biggest advice for this one…BE YOU! When you find your audience, stick with your authentic voice, this is how you create trust!

Make a Plan; start small, little steps for a big end result

This one was hard for me. I am a dreamer, I daydream about the end goal…but we can’t just imagine it and get there one day. You need to come up with small goals for your business and a realistic timeline! If you don’t give yourself enough time or small enough steps, its likely to become overwhelming and you might burnout.

Let Failure Happen; its going to happen, don’t let it break you

Things are bound to fall through or fail, but that doesn’t mean YOU are a failure. It means that you need to go back to the drawing board and try something new. I was never one to believe in the sayings like, “if it didn’t work out, it wasn’t meant to be…” but I am a firm believer in that now. If everything worked out that I wanted to in the past, I would not be where I am. Sometimes things do have to fall apart for better things to come along and be created. Use it as fuel to keep going and create something even better!

Take the Leap; once you feel ready…GO FOR IT!

Lets go back to #2 for a second…you need to plan, let things happen organically, and not burn yourself out…but DO NOT DRAG YOUR FEET. Once you feel like things are picking up speed, you better hop on that hay barrel rolling down the hill, because this is your chance. I know it might seem scary, but you need to open up more space for things to grow! Now is the time to just have some faith that things will work out. If you have too many Plan B’s, you’ll take them, so this is where you put all of your effort. IT IS GO TIME!

I believe that if you’ve found your passion and you have an idea, go for it; without hesitation. Its time to end the boring jobs for mediocre paychecks, its time we become BOSS BABES and use our superpowers of being incredible, hard-working women to create and cultivate a community of women who have made their dreams a reality. It is time to just go for it, and worst case…it doesn’t work out. But best case, it does, and damn you really did it then!


Julia Parzyck is an eating disorder recovery coach, trained to help women work through their negative associations with food, instill eating habits that bring joy and finding an appreciation for our amazing bodies. She is a social media influencer focused on educating others to love their bodies through her personal stories, fitness and eating whatever the fuck she wants, with a whole lot of fun.

You can find her on IG @fitfatandallthat along with her coaching site, here.