Hello! I'm Hannah Moon,

Denver Based wardrobe stylist and creator.


I grew up in Rockwall, TX outside of Dallas with my amazing family, Tom, Sharon and sister Madelyn. My family always loved the arts and my parents encouraged me to explore my love of art through the different mediums that drew my eye. I loved piano, music was always and still is a huge part of what brings me inspiration and expresses my emotion. I was the typical art kid through school that lugged her portfolio around with her everywhere she went.

I went to Ouachita Baptist University and majored in Graphic Design and Business. I am by far the worst graphic designer. The fact I majored in in, had professional training and still am this bad is a spectacular feat. But because of my studies I’m able to communicate and director the creation of graphic pieces and work with a team to bring something valuable to fruition.

I was fortunate to have been a branding strategist at Tractorbeam in Dallas for a few years. Their entire team is made up of the most talented and passion individuals. By starting my career in marketing and strategy it’s truly been able to help me hone in my skills as a leader and manager for my persona creative projects.

What people should realize is that where you currently are might not feel right, but the skills your learning now will make it so that when you get to where you are supposed to be, you’ll have an arsenal ready at your disposal.


Like many of you, I didn’t have a linear career path. From design, to allocating budgets, to branding, it all got me to where I am today, a wardrobe stylist and creator. Each part of my career path is what makes me a successful wardrobe stylist for my personal clients and brands that I work with.


Photo shoot by Danielle Webster for Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine

Photo shoot by Danielle Webster for Cherry Creek Fashion Magazine

There is no linear path to becoming who you want to be. We each have a winding road.

Moving to Denver I realized I could be whatever I wanted to be. I knew I wanted to be a stylist but had no idea where to start. So naturally, like many artists, I simply became a stylist.

You collaborate, you reach out to other creatives, you give your services away to learn your craft. There is no linear path to becoming who you want to be. We each have a winding road. To be a great stylist you should understand each facet of styling to know what you love and learn what you dont know. I managed a boutique, I worked retail, Nordstom truly was one of my favorite jobs!

From there I was given a shot. I became the stylist for the hosts of live news entertainment talk show, Daily Blast Live. No formal training. I was not assistant nor did I have one. Trial by fire. That’s often the best way to learn! Styling the diverse cast of 8 hosts and a revolving door of guest appearances was a dream come true and a blessing. For creative purposes and growth, I passed the baton at nearly two years to become a self-employeed wardrobe stylist.

There you have it! Now, book with me so my parents will be proud.